Alaskas World Portal – AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel Login

AlaskasWorld Portal – You may be asking why we need to log into AlaskasWorld PET (paperless employee travel). It may seem to be confusing but do not be so since here I have provided all the answers that arise in your mind. AlaskasWorld allows people to fly all over the world. You will receive more details about AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel Login, Alaskas World fly login, and AlaskasWorld PET Online by reading the below material.


AlaskasWorld PET Login

AlaskasWorld PET is a website which provides information about Alaska Air and Horizon Air travels employees. Using it an employee can very simply and fast manage their flight details and save time.

What is needed for logging in –

  • Employee ID from AlaskasWorld
  • Password from Alaskas World
  • Password for AlaskasWorld PET
  • Employee ID for Horizon Air
  • The user must have a login account with AlaskasWorld PET or Horizon Air
  • User ID and password to login to the website

It is mandatory for the employee to have a user ID and password for login. If the employee does not have a password they must set one up first.

Step by step guide to log in to AlaskasWorld



  • There will the option for Change Password, Forget Password, Manage Profile, Create Password. Select the last option and create a new password. If needed you can also select another option as suitable.
  • Now enter your username and create a new password.
  • Logging into AlaskasWorld PET

The website is the best and simplest way to facilitate everyone from competing for their task quickly and easily. Follow the below steps to log in successfully.

  • Visit AlaskasWorld site at
  • Choose the Fly option to proceed.


  • At next step enter your PeopleSoft employee number and password to log in.
  • If you want the site to remember your employee number and password click the Remember me a box.
  • You have to click the Sign in button to complete the AlaskasWorld PET login process.

Additional Information about Alaskas World | Alaskas Air | Horizon Air

At times due to internet connectivity and other problem, you may not be able to check flight details. It is best that at those times you connect with them using their customer care number 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)

If you are facing any sort of issue please do not hesitate to call customer care. For further details, you can visit AlaskasWorld at

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